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Welcome to the Kizomba Embassy!

The Kizomba Embassy is an organization dedicated to growing the Kizomba community. Indeed we do this by highlighting all styles of professional kizomba dance instructors, festivals, and also events worldwide! Moreover, this includes Semba, Urban Kiz, and also Kiz Fusion.

Specifically, it is a popular genre of music and dance originating in Angola circa 1984. In fact, it means party in Kimbundu, a Bantu language spoken by the Ambundu or Mbundu of Angola.

Additionally, kizomba music was developed by musicians who were influenced by semba music and zouk music from the Caribbean French Antilles. 

Meanwhile, the dance roots come from Semba. To illustrate Kizomba was traditionally danced in a circular pattern whereas Urban Kiz is danced in a straight line. Kiz Fusion has more flexible rules and also includes moves and techniques from other dance styles. 

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