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Kizomba Embassy Ambassador - JoJo
Kizomba Embassy Ambassador - JoJo

Jojo – Professional Kizomba Dancer – Paris, France.

Jojo, also known as Jonathan Mahoto is a world-famous Kizomba Dancer, Instructor, and  Choreographer.  He is also a Kizomba Embassy Ambassador, who is based out of Paris, France. 

He began teaching Kizomba in 2013 and has taught students at Kizomba Festivals and events all over the world. Specifically, Jojo is also well known for his energetic and smooth style of Kizomba. 

His popular dance partners include Victoria Fletcher from New Zealand, Mickaela from Sweden, and Jenny Demosthenes from France. 

When Jojo originally started dancing Kizomba, he came up with the slogan #letsplaykizomba! He did this to let people know that he was now dancing Kizomba. 

This slogan has developed into an extremely popular brand worldwide. In fact, at many Kizomba Festivals, his Let’s Play Kizomba t-shirts and merchandise sell out quickly. 

Jojo has a massive fan following worldwide from the numerous Kizomba Dance Festivals and events where he has performed and taught Kizomba.  Specifically, his popularity in the Kizomba Dance community can be seen in the huge number of view counts of his YouTube videos online. 

Jojo Let’s play Kizomba YouTube Videos

A 2017 video of Jojo and Mickaela was shot at the All in One Kizomba Festival held in Toulouse, France. At the time this article was published it had already garnered over 1.9 million views.

Another popular 2018 YouTube video featured Jojo dancing Kizomba with Macarena Paton. Macarena is a popular Kizomba Dancer from Spain. The video shot at the Kizomba Open Festival in Madrid, Spain, has garnered over 1.3 million views to date. 

Additionally, some of his fans in Italy surprised him by getting tattoos with his famous slogan lets play kizomba.

Jojo also started his online Kizomba school in March 2022! His new site is

This new online kizomba school is for everyone from beginners to advanced Kizomba dancers.  It also contains a special segment on lifts and tricks.  Moreover, Jojo and his dance partner Jenny add new videos each season! So check it out!

In 2024, Jojo will attend the Corraco Afro Festival in Angra dos Reis,  Brazil. Additionally, he will also attend the Tamasha Summer Festival in Odalys La Londe Les Maures, France.

This Kizomba Instructor from France is available to be booked for upcoming dance festivals. He is also available for corporate events, staged choreographed performances, brand promos, film, TV, and music videos! 

Contact Jojo directly via the below Facebook, Instagram, and website links:


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