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Sara Lopez – Kizomba – Spain

Kizomba Embassy Ambassador - Sara Lopez
Kizomba Embassy Ambassador - Sara Lopez

Sara López – Professional Kizomba Dancer – Bailarina Biografia – Madrid, Spain

Sara López Martín started dancing at the age of five, studied ballet for 15 years, and obtained the certificate of The Royal Ballet of London with the qualification of Honors.

During this period she supplemented her training with 9 years of Flamenco, 4 years of Contemporary Dance, and various Jazz and Funk courses with nationally recognized teachers. She belonged to the Ballet Joven África Guzmán for 4 years playing soloist roles.

At the age of 17, she trained in Belly Dancing for one year and at 19 she started with Latin Rhythms, putting on shows and teaching Online Salsa, Bachata and Bachata tango workshops with various dance partners nationally for 3 years.

At 21 she started learning Hip-Hop and at 22 she traveled to North America,  L.A. (California, USA) to train with internationally renowned choreographers for 3 months.

Thereafter she continues training in this dance style through occasional courses and trips to L.A., while perfecting her technique in courses on Contemporary Dance, Tips, Ground and Aerial Acrobatics, etc.

She works giving Hip-Hop, Latin Rhythms, and Kizomba classes, while also doing jobs as a dancer for video clips, spots, and TV programs.


She started Kizomba in late 2009 competing in the qualifying rounds of the Africadançar contest in Madrid, being selected to represent Spain in this international championship and earning Second Position in the 2010 event.

Following this competition, she started giving workshops and performing all over Europe, but her popularity increased through the dissemination of her videos on YouTube and social networks, giving her the international fame that has allowed her to travel, besides Europe, to Africa, America, Asia, and Oceania.

Currently, in 2023, Sara Lopez is holding a Feminity Retreat in Italy.  She also continues to run her popular “Heels Empowerment Dance Classes online“.  Additionally, she has now started a Feminity Telegram Channel which is growing in popularity.

Lastly, be sure to contact her via email ([email protected]) for 2024 Dance Festivals & Events!


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