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Ronie Saleh

Ronie Saleh – Professional Kizomba Dancer – Stockholm, Sweden.

Mr. Ronie Saleh is a Professional Kizomba Dancer and a Kizomba Embassy Ambassador for Stockholm, Sweden. He is also a dance teacher, singer, songwriter, and speech & language pathologist

Ronie was born in the Kurdish section of Iraq in 1989.  When he was 1 and a half years old his father and mother moved the family to Stockholm, Sweden.  He has two brothers and a sister.

Ronie has been singing his own songs, playing guitar & dancing on stage since he was a child. During adolescence, his focus was particularly on Hip Hop, Breakdance, and Popping. It was not until 2009 that he came in contact with couple dancing; specifically the Modern Foxtrot.

The Start of his Kizomba Career

In 2013, after mastering the Foxtrot and winning several awards, Ronie was introduced to Kizomba dancing. He immediately fell in love with Kizomba.

In fact, the first Kizomba Dance Youtube video that he watched was of Albir Rojas and Sara Lopez. Upon watching that video he knew that Kizomba was the dance for him. 

His passion was so strong for Kizomba that he quit his profession as a Speech & Language Pathologist to dedicate his life to dancing Kizomba.

Ronie has several popular online Kizomba & Bachata courses available on his website. These include beginner, intermediate and advanced level Kizomba & Bachata courses in addition to instructor level courses.

In Scandinavia, he introduced the new dance style “FoxKiz” (Foxtrot with Kizomba touch), which is now very popular all over Sweden.

Ronie is known around the world for his musicality and smooth Kizomba style. Even though he specializes in advanced footwork and dance choreographies, he still emphasizes the importance of Connection, Feeling & Flow with a dance partner. 

Having practiced meditation & mindfulness for 14 years, he says: 

“The moment you realize that your soul is connected and one with your dance partner – and Everything else in this world – you become truly present in your movements and your dance experience reaches a whole new level.”

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