Isaura De Norre – Kizomba Dancer – Belgium

Ms. Isaura De Norre is a Kizomba Dancer and a Kizomba Embassy Ambassador from Belgium.

She was originally introduced to Afro-Latin dances by her mother.  Isaura started dancing Bachata and Salsa in 2012. Shortly thereafter she also discovered Semba and Kizomba at the Kizomba love Academy.

She has had the privilege to assist José Garcia N’dongala in his classes.  Additionally, she has also completed a significant portion of his teacher’s training programs based on the “Jose N’Dongala Kizomba love Methodology”. 

Isaura travels a lot to continue sharing her passion for dance and also teaches at many festivals and events.

With Isaura as your teacher, you will quickly gain insight and learn proper techniques. Thanks to her musical background, love for African dance/music, and also training with the Kizomba love Academy, her students excel quickly.  Her professional dance classes are also filled with a good amount of fun and laughter. 

You can book this Kizomba Dancer from Belgium, for upcoming Kizomba Dance Festivals, online classes, corporate events, brand promos, film, television, and music videos via the below links: