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The Feeling Kizomba Festival is going to be Awesome!

Feeling Kizomba Festival

The Feeling Kizomba Festival is going to be Awesome!

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The Feeling Kizomba Festival 2024 will be held in Lloret De Mar, Spain from May 1st until May 5th! Search FlightsImage

This all-in-one-location festival will be held at the Evenia Olympic Park in Lloret De Mar north of Barcelona!

Kizomba Embassy Tip: If you prefer a quieter hotel then check out Hotel Acapulco located nearby!

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Why Should You Attend the Feeling KiZomba Festival?

Firstly this festival will include five nights of Kizomba dancing!

Secondly, there will be two exclusive rooms for Kizomba workshops with Professional Dancers.

Thirdly, there will be a social dance room during the afternoon from 3:00 pm until 8:00 pm.

Fourthly, there will also be two rooms for dancing at night.

Additionally, there will be 4-5 master classes only for those with VIP Passes.

Specifically, No Kizomba Embassy Discount Promo Codes are available for this Festival!

Beach Feeling Kizomba Festival 2024 Promo Picture with Kizomba Dancers!

Feeling Kizomba Festival Program

Wednesday Pre-Party

17h till 20h Workshops

23 till 24h Workshop

24h till 05h Kizomba Party


16h till 20h Workshops

17h till 21 Social Dance Room

23 till 24h Workshop

24h till 06h Kizomba Party


11h till 14h Workshops

16h till 20h Workshops

15 till 20h Social Dance Room

23:30 till 07h Party


11h till 20h Workshops

12h till 15h Social Dance Room

15h till 20h Pool Party

23:30 till 07h Party


11 till 18h Workshops

15h till 20h POOL PARTY

23 till 06h Party

Remember no Kizomba Embassy Promo Codes are available for this festival. Passes range from 79 Euros to 165 Euros and must be purchased via the organizer’s website.


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