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Exciting Times Ahead At The Kizomba Open Festival Madrid!

Exciting Times Ahead At The Kizomba Open Festival Madrid!

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Specifically, the Kizomba Open Festival Madrid 2023 will be held from October 24th to October 28th in Madrid, Spain. The official hotel for this edition is the Hotel Occidental Aranjuez.  You can book it through the festival organizers.

If the hotel is sold out then check out the Hotel Jardin or the Hostel Real located close to the festival venue.

Indeed, this year promises to be even more exciting and special than before! The festival organizers have many more surprises in store for you. Additionally, all events for this festival will be held in the same location.

This festival is known for gathering together a phenomenal group of dancers. It also provides attendees a great opportunity for networking with other professional dancers, and lovers of Kizomba dance. It is also becoming more popular and each edition offers a large variety of really great dance instructors. Search FlightsImage

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Kizomba Open Festival 2024 Dance Instructors

This edition of the Kizomba Open Festival recently added the following dance instructors:

  • ALBIR ROJAS – (Kizomba fusion)
  • TONY PIRATA – (Kizomba)
  • JOJO LPK – (Urban Kizz)
  • FRED NELSON & MORGANE – (Influence Sensual Kizomba)
  • STEPHANE – (Urban Kizz)
  • KIZOMBA FR – (Kizomba/Semba)
  • TONY & CARLA – (Kizomba/Semba/Afro House)
  • MARCIO JUNQUEIRA – (Kizomba/Semba)
  • SAN JAY MJ – (Urban Kizz)
  • SARA IACOBACCI – (Kizomba)
  • DAVIDE & LAURA – (Kizomba fusion)
  • JACK & SARA – (Tarraxo & Urban Kizz)
  • NUNO & SARAI – (Kizomba fusion)
  • MARISA PITA & JORGE – (Kizomba fusion)
  • YAGO & YURE – (Kizomba)
  • KECO & MONICA – (Kizomba fusion)
  • MASSEMBA SECK – (Urban Kizz)
  • MIGUEL J. & MONICA – (Urban Kiz)
  • JESUS & ANNI – (Urban Kizz)
  • LUIS & KAREN – (Urban Kizz)
  • DARIO & CRISTINA – (Kizomba sentimiento)
  • CAROLA TAULER – (Kizomba)
  • SORAYA – (Kizomba follow)
  • EL CEPRINO – (Urban Kizz/Kizomba/Ndombolo)
  • BENS – (Urbank Kizz)
  • LUISMI & ANGELES – (Kizomba fusion)
  • NANE & RONNY – (Tarraxo) Search FlightsImage

Kizomba Open Festival 2024 Event DJ’S

DJs for this year’s event are:

  • ZAY´X 
  • SHARK 
  • NAO
  • MARC
  • NEO 

Kizomba Open Festival 2024 Hotel Location Info

Certainly, the Occidental Aranjuez is a beautiful 4-star Hotel.  It is also part of the popular Barceló Group. Specifically, it has 168 modern and nicely designed rooms.

Additionally, it features an à la carte restaurant and also a bar that serves great appetizers.  Meanwhile, during the summertime, it also has barbecues on its terrace. 

Moreover, it also has an outdoor swimming pool, a paddle tennis club with 6 courts, and a free gym for guests.  Guests also have free access to the Gran Casino de Aranjuez.

The Occidental is also known for its fabulous U-Spa.  It is over 1,200 m² and also has a beauty and wellness center.

The address is: Plaza Unesco 2 Barrio La Montana, N-IV Salida 37, 28300 Aranjuez Spain.

Kizomba Open Festival Madrid Promo Picture 2024

Festival 2024 Pass Detail Info

Specifically, No Kizomba Embassy Discount Promo Codes or links are available for this Festival. Passes must be purchased via the festival website.

The Festival Full Pass for leaders & followers includes Workshops, Social Dancing, performances, and Shows as well as the Open Room. Moreover, this edition of Kizomba Open Festival will include a large variety of activities.


According to the organizers, refunds will not be issued for passes purchased however you can request a transfer to another person:

Firstly, through by selecting the entry change of holder and activating the resale.

Secondly, through the promoter at a cost of € 5 per name change.

Thirdly, Kizomba Open Festival passes that are won via raffles will only be eligible for transfer with a 45€ fee. Moreover, for more information contact the organizers via email at [email protected].


Specifically, all information provided here is for informational purposes and is subject to change. Indeed, we do our very best to keep all data up to date.

However, it is important to check all information with the official organizers to ensure accuracy. Specifically, we are not responsible and are not liable for any damages caused by inaccurate information.


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