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Dr Kizomba – Professional Kizomba Artist & Entertainer – Montreal, Canada.

Dr Kizomba also known as Manuel Dos Santos is a Kizomba Artist and Entertainer. He is also a Kizomba Embassy Ambassador based out of Montreal, Canada. With over two decades of dance experience, he is undeniably one of the most sought-after artists worldwide.

He has performed and taught in countries around the world.  These include Mexico, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Bermuda, Curacao, Turkey, and also the Netherlands. Indeed he has also performed in multiple American and Canadian cities. He has also performed on the very popular Aventura Dance Cruise sailing out of Miami, Florida.

Additionally, Dr Kizomba is well-known throughout the dance community for his dynamic, energetic, and entertaining performances. Whether you see him perform at the LA Bachata Festival or take one of his workshops at a festival in Europe, you are guaranteed to smile, laugh, and have a good time. 


Growing up in Angola, Dr Kizomba learned how to dance Kizomba and other African dances. These included Semba, Kuduro, and Rebita (known as the Angolan Rueda).  Later on, he moved on to Hip-hop, Capoeira, Salsa, Bachata, and Latin Ballroom.

In 2010, Dr Kizomba founded Kizomba Canada, the first Kizomba school in Canada and the United States. Here he teaches Kizomba classes, Semba classes, Salsa classes, and Bachata classes to his dance students. 

In 2014, at the AfricAdancar 7th Edition of the Kizomba International Championship, he won first place in the improvisation category and fourth place overall. 

In 2016, Dr Kizomba started the yearly well-attended Gindungo Festival in Montreal, Canada. The festival is named after the legend of Gindungo, which is a popular hot & spicy pepper from Angola. This International Festival brings together artists from different parts of the world to celebrate all styles of kizomba, semba, and kuduro. Additionally, this festival is known for featuring many high-energy dance workouts. 

Before the pandemic, he was a frequent Instructor and performer at numerous festivals. Today he is looking forward to returning to the International Dance Festival circuit and getting back to performing. 

In the meantime, he continues to hold Kizomba Dance classes both online and in person. If you are in the Montreal area, be sure to take advantage of his private lessons, which are very popular and require advanced booking. 

2023/2024 Update

Additionally, in 2023 he purchased the property of the Dr Kizomba Canada Dance Studio in Montreal. This studio has excellent reviews on Google. Moreover, he holds Kizomba classes there approximately 5 days a week when he is not traveling for a Kizomba Dance Festival.

Specifically in 2024, Dr Kizomba is scheduled to travel to the following locations:

January 2024 – Liguria, Paris, Bologna.

February 2024 – Luanda.

March 2024 – Rotterdam.

May 2024 – Saint Barthelemy, San Paulo.

You can contact Dr. Kizomba for upcoming festivals, corporate events, staged choreographed performances, Kizomba Dance classes, brand promos, film, television, and music videos via the below links:


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