Inna Jadore – Professional Kizomba Dancer – Munich,Germany

Inna Jadore started dancing at age of five. She began with ballet, modern dance, hip hop and expanded her dance skills by learning a number of other dance styles. After many years as a Salsa & Bachata Dancer, Instructor and Performer she moved to the next chapter.  In 2013 when she went to a Salsa Festival and  took part in her first Kizomba & Tarraxa workshops, where she fell in love with the music. Since then she attended multiple Kizomba Festivals around Europe to further enhance her dance kills and to also study the music & variety of Kizomba dance genres. 

In 2016 she was booked to teach at a Kizomba and Urban Kiz Festival in France.  From that moment on, she continued teaching at a number of festivals and was part of them overall in Europe and beyond. Highest motivation for her is seeing her students evolve and enjoying the dance. In 2018 she started organizing local kizomba events and in 2019 she created her own event and workshop line called “colors of kizomba”.