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Daniela Horta

Kizomba Embassy Ambassador - Daniela Horta
Kizomba Embassy Ambassador - Daniela Horta

Daniela Horta – Professional Kizomba Dancer – Copenhagen, Denmark.

Daniela is a Kizomba Instructor and Kizomba Embassy Ambassador based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.  She is also Kizomba Promoter and Kizomba Event Creator who was the first official face of Kizomba in Denmark and in Scandinavia.  Back in 2008, she along with another Kizomba Dancer José Rui formed Kizomba DK. 

José Rui and Daniela met in Denmark on the dance floor.  When they danced Kizomba together, they knew they had found a treasure, something also buried in their African roots.  Even though they both grew up in Portugal, José Rui is original from Cabo Verde and Daniela spend her first years in Mozambique where her mother is from, they grew to love this unique dance style, music and the very special way of expressing themselves through it.

Both of them were fortunate to have studied Kizomba under the great masters like Petchu and Vanessa, Kwenda Lima, Ricardo Sousa and Paula Loureiro, Zé Barbosa and Marta, Hélio Santos, Avelino Chantre and Joana Machado.  Upon completion of the training, they then spent a lot of their time sharing this special dance and music with the people of Scandinavia.

Daniela has performed and taught Kizomba in several countries to include Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, England, Finland, Poland, France, Belarus, Lithuania, Netherlands, Russia, Hungary, Norway and Italy.

In 2012 she co-organized Denmark’s 1st kizomba festival which has had 7 successful editions and has only been paused due to Covid-19. In 2015, she partnered up with a Swedish dancer named Milo Alani and created Vamolá another organization dedicated to creating kizomba related events in Sweden, including the very successful festival Vamolá Dance Festival and in 2018 she joined forces with another Danish company called “Copenkiz”, where the main goal was to unite the dance community.

Up until the pandemic hit the world, Daniela was teaching weekly classes in both countries, co-organizing 2 festivals and managing smaller events, like the beloved kizomba brunch on the 1st Sunday of the month during the summer in Copenhagen or the Vamolá Dance nights in Malmo, Sweden, a weekly dance evening.

Apart from the teaching, Daniela has also traveled to both Cabo Verde and Angola to learn and nurture her knowledge of both dance, music and the overall culture of those amazing countries.  She also actively participates in initiatives that promote Kizomba and that gives back to the local communities.

You can contact this Kizomba Dancer from Denmark for upcoming festivals, corporate events, staged choreographed performances, online classes, brand promos, film, television and music videos via the below Facebook link:



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