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We’re Excited About the NY SBKZ Congress!

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Gabi Lynch Dance & SBKZ Congress

We’re Excited About the NY SBKZ Congress!

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NY SBKZ Congress 2024 – February 9th until the 11th, 2024 at the Westin Hotel in Times Square, NYC! Don’t Miss it!

Looking for a fun dance congress in NYC? Look no further than the special 2024 NY SBKZ Congress! The New York Salsa Bachata Kizomba Zouk Congress will be awesome! While it will be cold outside, it will be hot inside with amazing energy! Search FlightsImage

why should you attend the 2024 NY SBKZ Congress?

Firstly the 2024 New York SBKZ Congress will be the first of its kind in New York to feature Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Zouk at one event!

Secondly, the 2024 NY SBKZ Congress will include a full weekend of daily dance workshops!

Thirdly there will be afternoon dance socials and nightly performances!

Fourthly each night will feature social dancing until 6 AM with internationally renowned dancers, instructors, DJs, videographers, and photographers!

Moreover, come and enjoy a weekend of African & Latin Dancing in NYC! Search FlightsImage

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Located in the heart of Times Square, the 2024 SBKZ Congress will be held at the Westin Hotel. Specifically, the address for the hotel is 270 West 43rd NY, NY 10036, USA.

NY SBKZ Congress Artists 2024 Line Up

  • Morenasso & Carolin (Angola & Estonia)
  • Marc Brewer & Rose (Detroit, MI)
  • Beto & Sade (Mexico)
  • Jovan Casanova (Boston)
  • Tin Man & Breezy (Rochester, NY)
  • McArlain Morilus (New York)
  • Drew Thompson (New Jersey)
  • Jahaira & Ross (Phoenix, AZ)

  • Casanova (Boston)
  • Afrodeshiak (Washington, DC)
  • Trackmaster (New York)
  • Solo (New Jersey)

  • Fausto Felix (New York)
  • De’Jon & Clo (Dallas)
  • Alfredo & Andrea (Spain)
  • Luismi & Mariangela (Spain/Italy)
  • Kate Rodriguez (New York)
  • Eddie Peligro (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Guillermo Reyes (New York)
  • Margie Montes (New York)
  • Iva Iordanova (New York)
  • Bachatwins (New York)
  • Mikey G (New York)
  • Kasia & Steven (New York)
  • Candy Mena & Jorge (Tampa, FL)
  • Tayler & Luis (New York)
  • Jeff & Mayra (New York)

  • Khalid (Sweden)
  • Emerzive (Washington, DC)
  • Kelly Habanera (Amsterdam)
  • Trey Z (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • Nilson (Toronto)
  • R (New York)
  • Coronel (New York)
  • Diem Classic (Chicago)

NY SBKZ Congress Salsa Dance Artists

  • Angelo Rito (Italy) 
  • Antonio & Jasmina Berardi (Italy) 
  • Karel Flores & Bruno Rodriguez (New York) 
  • Adolfo Indacochea (New York) 
  • Tania Cannarsa (Italy) 
  • Jessica Quiles (Puerto Rico) 
  • Charlie & Brianna (New York) 
  • Stephany & Angel (New York) 
  • Zafire (New York)
  • Jorge & Indira (Las Vegas)
  • Michelle & Brandon (Portland, OR)
  • Benny & Ashley (Seattle, WA)
  • Scarlett Medrano (New York) 
  • Carlos Suarez (Houston, TX) 
  • Huracan (New York) 
  • Peiwei & James Cobo (Raleigh, NC)
  • Joel & Maria (New York)
  • Piel Canela (New York) 
  • Vittico La Magia (New York) 
  • Marlon International Mills (New York) 
  • Juan & Cari Portella (New York) 
  • Wil Nieves (New York) 
  • Lorenz Dance Studio (New York)
  • Giovanni Escobar (Philadelphia)
  • Michal Pe’er (New York)

  • Julian The Duke (London)
  • Sergio Ribeiro (Paris)
  • Dave Asmadi (Amsterdam)
  • Kelly Habanera (Amsterdam) 
  • OJ (Egypt)
  • Mayimbe (Los Angeles)
  • La Conga (New York)
  • Babaloo (New York)
  • Willie (San Francisco)
  • Nilson (Toronto)
  • John John (New York)
  • Gagou (New York)
  • Reni (Portland)
  • Henry Fire (New York)
  • Ivan (New Jersey)

  • Kadu & Larissa (Spain/USA) 
  • Paulo & Luiza (Brazil/USA) 
  • Jessica Lamdon (New York)
  • Igor Fraga (New York)
  • Christina Montoya (Los Angeles)
  • Shane Rasnak (New York)
  • Eddie Wang (New York)
  • Charles Espinoza & Hara Zi (New York)

  • Kadu (Spain)
  • Paulo (Miami)
  • Fraga (New York)
  • Efosa (New York)
  • Afrodeshiak (Washington, DC)
  • Vicious (New York)
  • Sprenk (Boston)

Don’t wait, get your passes directly from the organizer’s website now. At the present time, tickets start at $28.77 to $210.00.

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