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Mr. Taras – Crimea – Ukraine -Kizomba

Mr. Taras

Mr. Taras – Professional Kizomba Dancer & Instructor – Crimea, Ukraine.

Mr. Taras Ikizzua is a Kizomba Dancer, Instructor, and also Kizomba Embassy Ambassador based out of Crimea, Ukraine.

Taras has been dancing for over 24 years and has always aimed at entertaining his audience. However, when he stumbled upon Kizomba, he found an entirely new kind of pleasure where everything else around him seemed to disappear.

He no longer focuses on who is watching him but now dances for himself, through a beautiful yet deep connection with his dance partner.

With more than 20 years of dance teaching experience and thousands of students around the globe, he loves sharing his knowledge and passion for Kizomba.

Mr. Taras hopes that many more people will get to experience this magical feeling of two bodies dancing as one. Where the connection is so deep you can almost (if your mind is quiet enough) hear your partner’s thoughts.

Additionally, he continues to fully support the Kizomba community around the world. During the pandemic, he taught his teaching methodology to many new Kizomba instructors and organized the first online worldwide festival for kizzers.

As the first Konpa instructor in Asia, he continues to work closely with the Haitian CexTeam from the United States of America.

This professional dancer & instructor has also worked on several major productions like dance scenes in movies and also in commercial shows.

You can contact  him for upcoming festivals, corporate events, staged choreographed performances, Kizomba Dance classes, brand promos, film, television, and music videos via the below links:


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